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We are the Best Guilty Gear Club!

Feel free to join us! Being a member, you will can send your art, join our contests and more!

-- . RULES - ART'10 - ART'09 - ART'08 - ART'07 - CONTESTS . --

How to send your works to Gallery:…… (Groups Introduction), everything about groups.

Holy Top Tiers (a.k.a. the Moderators)
:iconkawaiisonicchao: :iconkitsoru-san:
EDIT: UPDATED: DECEMBER 2012 to update the moderator list and bring the rules up for users to see again, since we have been getting a loooot of submissions that are against club rules. PLEASE read rules before submitting!


:sun: - CURRENT MODS -

Call me Kit! o/ I've been in the GG fandom, originally mostly on dA in fact, since around 2004 or so (and seen the rise and fall of many a GG club). KawaiiSonicChao has left the place to me since they're mostly inactive on deviantART now. This is my ~3rd/4th club I have modded/am modding, so I'm quite comfortable with the process.
If you have questions about submission or w/e, don't hesitate to contact me!

'Sup? i'm KawaiiSonicChao but that names too long so KaSo, or KSC will do just fine. the torch of leadership has been passed down to me and so i've been modding the place (somewhat) since T-SLA left onto better things. been a GG fan for a while now and will prolly still be later on. this hasn't been the first club/group i've been a moderator, but even so being an admin of anything is kinda hard. either way i've still and will continue to try and keep this place alive (somehow).


Hello, I am Nhur, I created a Guilty Gear forum for Spain because there wasn't no one, to share information, talk about music, change pics, etc. As I see there's not many active clubs of GG in DA, I'd like to open a club here too. I have to watch my own forum, so I don't mind to watch this club too... that is, if you participate, I promiss to don't leave this ^^
Guilty Gear is my favourite game since its first issue, and it's a pitty that, with so many drawings there are on DeviantARt, we don't have a way to share them.

We are currently collaborating with the Heaven or Hell project.

Hello, I am T-SLA. I started at this club as administrator helping Nhur to keep this alive, in fact, I was the one who take care of this club instead he was in the forum ( ). That was nice, because I like to draw, but I'm not so good at playing :lmao:.
I tried to do the club the most active and interesting that I could, taking ideas from other nice clubs like Lolth-Scourge
At the moment we are more than 100 members, although the most of them aren't active, we are enough to go on. That's the best thing for me, because we could survive to this two long years :D

ChemicaloveGGCLUB is a group right now, every member can send blog entries (journals), contests deviations, suggest faves, etc.

:sun: - A B O U T _ A R T _ (R U L E S) -

- We don't allow collages (ex. made up Smash Bros. rosters), official Guilty Gear artwork, sprite edits, or anything in that same vein. (there are very, VERY FEW exceptions to some of these. it requires talking to the mod.) Please realize this includes traces and redraws, even without direct tracing, of official art or other fanart. Don't think we can't tell.

- Regarding "Mature Content": I will accept it ONLY if it abides by dA's ToS, and ONLY if it's tasteful. In other words, there better be a good amount of work and skill put into it. (anything too lewd, sloppy, or obscene will not be allowed.)

**We DON'T admit furries, porn, inflation fetishes, or anything extremely vulgar.** (they are FIGHTERS after all)

- Fan Pairings/Slash: (a double-edged sword...) While I'm a firm believer in "you love what you love and that's cool" not everyone sees things that way, HOWEVER, the only way I will allow fan parings is if they follow the "Mature Content" guidelines. Also no crossover fan pairings will be allowed. (there's other groups out there if this is too much for you.)
*note: any member caught flaming/harassing someone over "fandom" will get ONE warning. keep it up and you will be kicked out of the group. let's be mature people.

- Original Characters will NOT be allowed here. Guilty Gear Characters ONLY. No exceptions.

- Fighting Game Crossovers (ex. GG vs BB, GG vs KoF, etc.) will also be allowed.

- Please only submit YOUR OWN art to the club.

- Contests: To decide the contest's winners everyone will vote in the deviation of the contest. If you want your vote kept secret, say so in the message, and I will Hide it.

- If you send more than one entry for a contest (not every contest allows that), the entry with the most votes will be the one counted.

:sun: - N E W _ M E M B E R S -

To join as member click the "Join Our Group" icon at the top of the "Home" or the "About Us" section. There's no need to fill out the one thing cause all the memberships are Auto-Approved. You can fill it if you want but I probably won't pay attention to it.
If you don't want to send art but you like Guilty Gear and you want to see our members deviations, just watch us at the "+deviantWATCH" button.

"Did you not watch me!" A group can't watch, this is only a space to chat and share deviations between members, but there's no a rel account.

If you want to send your drawing, cosplay or sculpture, you must be a member. Go to our gallery and click at the "+" or "+ submit to this gallery". Read the Instructions at the left.

If you want to leave the group you have to click at your avatar (it says Member at the bottom of your avatar) and select the "leave the Group" one.

If you have any questions, see a submission that breaks rules, or you're unsure about something feel free to note the group, Kitsoru-san or KawaiiSonicChao
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